The Grand Return of the Flavorful French Press

By David Strahl

The once loved, once forgotten tradition of brewing coffee in a French press has reemerged as one of the more favorable brewing methods for coffee drinkers who enjoy a bold, full-bodied flavor profile. The familiar design and look of the glass beaker and plunger is recognizable even among novice brewers. Coffee purists will argue that the French press brewing method is in fact the only way one should brew their coffee because of its temperature accuracy and the enhancement of flavors and oils achieved while brewing.

It is no secret that a French press is a more laborious way to create a wonderful cup of coffee, but perhaps that is part of the secret. Most know that in life, a little bit of extra effort—no matter the endeavor—can go a long way. Could it be that the connection you experience through the brewing process adds to the joy you receive from drinking a savory cup directly from a French press? We like to think so.

Below, we have highlighted several important elements to remember when brewing coffee with a French press to ensure you understand the importance behind the labor and to cherish it for all of its worth.

Temperature Control

The temperature at which you brew your coffee is dependent on the type of bean you’ve selected, with temperatures ranging between 90-200 degrees. Temperature control with a French press is much more precise because the water is heated separately than the grounds and is added once the desired temperature is reached. The clear-cut temperature control allows for the grounds to brew to their most robust potential.

Steep Longer for More Flavor

The amount of time that the coffee grounds steep in the water will determine the depth of the flavor profile extracted from the beans. For those who prefer a mild brew, let the grounds steep for only about 90 seconds. For those who enjoy a more bold and flavorful coffee, let the grounds steep for up to four minutes.

No Filters Allowed

The French press does not use a filter. Unbeknownst to most, the oil contained in the grinds is the most flavorful part of the coffee and when you use a filter, the oils cannot transfer into the coffee itself. This ultimately results in a notable loss of flavor. The French press works its magic by employing a pressing screen at the conclusion of the brewing process, blending the oils and extracts with the grinds and water. The pressing screen helps create a final product that is robust, smooth and of course—highly desirable.

Whatever your preferred brewing method, we suggest adding the valuable knowledge of how to properly use a French press to your coffee brewing repertoire. Family, friends, business associates or simply mere acquaintances will certainly recognize your appreciation of longstanding traditions and versed ability to create a memorable, palatable and truly enjoyable cup of coffee. Try the H.C. Valentine Signature Blend or the 100% Organic Aztec Blend in a French Press. It will be so rich, flavorful and full of body, both coffees just might be considered a dessert all by themselves!