Pour Over Perfection

By David Stahl, product development manager at H. C. Valentine

Just like coffee itself, not all pour overs are created equal. In its most rudimentary form, the pour over coffee method involves simply pouring 200 degree Fahrenheit water over your freshly ground coffee, utilizing a filter and a holder, often called a “dripper.” As the piping hot water infuses the grounds, coffee flavonoids, caffeine molecules, a perky aroma and its familiar taste are extracted as the liquid passes through the dripper into your vessel of choice.

The pour over technique is touted as a preferential brewing method for those whose palate craves a stronger flavor profile. This comes at the cost of less body; a contrasting result when compared with both the French press and traditionally brewed coffee.

For the perfect pour over, one must look at the variables to achieve the preferred outcome. Luckily, this ultimately boils down to two factors: equipment and beans. Pairing a coarsely ground, high quality bean with the wrong equipment is tantamount to ordering a fine champagne with your chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting—the result will leave something to be desired. Conversely, a finely ground bean may compliment said equipment perfectly. Knowing what you want is a start—knowing these differences is key.

Below, we’ve highlighted three industry-leading drippers for your consideration with accompanying coffee recommendations. Whether you are a self-described connoisseur or simply an avid coffee drinker, the perfect pour over can be achieved by anyone with a desire to learn and a small investment in quality goods.


The Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant, one-piece, hourglass-shaped device made of heat resistant glass and polished wood. This traditional coffeemaker is known for its clear, pure, flavorful and smooth results. Chemex filters are 20—30 percent heavier than other models and produces optimal results with coffee ground medium coarse.

Recommendation: H. C. Valentine Signature Blend

Our signature blend is a full-bodied delight with hints of black cherry, raisins and chocolate. This robust roast includes beans from East Africa, Central and South America, and Ethiopia. We advise using one tablespoon coffee, ground medium coarse, per every five ounces of water. Learn more HERE.


For those seeking a more durable piece of equipment for their pour overs, the TruBru coffee maker is fine choice. This stainless steel device is highly portable and produces the strongest flavor profiles when paired with finely ground coffee.

Recommendation: H. C. Valentine Aztec Organic Blend

The Aztec Organic blend is dark-roasted, with dark cocoa, plum and tobacco undertones. Made with Latin American and Indonesian beans, this roast is sure to leave to you with a sweet, toasty finish. We advise using two tablespoons coffee, ground finely, per every six ounces of water. Learn more HERE.

Walkuere Bayreuth

A German, modern twist on the pour over method, the Walkuere Beyreuth doesn’t require filters, fuel, or other accessories like many devices do. A two-tiered porcelain filtration system is built in, permitting true brewing perfection when paired with a high-quality coffee, ground medium coarse.

Recommendation: H. C. Valentine Royal 150 Blend

The Royal 150 blend is an exotic mixture of African, Indonesian, and Central American beans that produces a full-bodied coffee with bright flavors and a clean finish. With hints of apricot, chocolate and caramel, this blend is a perfect complement with many desserts. We advise using two tablespoons coffee, ground medium coarse, per every six ounces of water. Learn more HERE.