Blend Spotlight: Kenya AA Flame Tree

Our 15 core coffees are artfully blended to craft a flavor profile that uniquely showcases the specific flavor notes that originate while the beans are grown and emerge during the roasting process. Our Roastmasters blend each coffee after the beans have been roasted to create a taste profile that is balanced, richly flavorful and unique. Join us as we dive deeper into each of our 15 core blends, highlighting the growing region, analyzing its flavors and providing ideal pairings. Today we highlight our Kenya AA Flame Tree coffee, a complex single-origin coffee harvested from the high peak of Mt. Kenya.


Our Kenya AA Flame Tree coffee is an estate coffee that is hand-selected and sorted from high-altitude regions of Mt. Kenya, ranging from 4,500 to 6,000 feet above sea level. Kenya AA coffee is considered to be one of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees. The region’s high plateaus, rich volcanic soil, temperate climate and seasonal rains produce coffee beans with a full body, a rich flavor and a very pleasant acidity. The ripe berries are hand-picked twice a year. The main picking season runs from October until the end of the year, while the second, smaller harvesting season runs from June until late July or early August.


The Kenya AA Flame Tree coffee has a full, rich body with caramelized peaches, apricot and toasted nut flavors balanced with a great deal of acidity to produce a bright cup of coffee bursting with vibrancy. Despite presenting a wide range of flavors, the coffee finishes with a clean aftertaste. The coffee is best when roasted light to medium to accentuate the premium coffee bean. If you are looking for a delicious coffee with a tang of acidity, Kenya AA Flame Tree is perfect for you since it is one of the most acidic H.C. Valentine coffees.


The fruity notes and smooth body make this coffee easy to pair with your favorite fruit desserts like peach cobbler, fruit tarts and fruit danishes.

 Much like the African flame tree—  the indigenous, non-coffee tree from which the Kenya AA Flame Tree coffee derives its name— this single-origin coffee has a dynamic range of lively flavors that excite the taste buds.