Cooling Down with a Cold-Brewed Coffee

One of the hottest coffee trends is cooling down coffee lovers this summer. Want to drink a cup of coffee, but it is 90 degrees outside? You can still enjoy a great cup o’ joe this summer by drinking a cold-brewed coffee.

The cold brew method is extremely popular because it is easy to brew and easy to store. Since no oils are released in the extraction of the coffee, cold brew coffee can be stored for up to a week or more after it is brewed.

Cold-brewed coffee tastes different than your standard brewed coffee. Since the grounds never come into contact with heat, cold brew coffee has a lower acidity level that causes a smooth, slightly sweet flavor.

Specialty coffee drinks taste best with cold-brewed coffee because it is more concentrated than hot-brewed coffee. The addition of ice and cold milk or creamer will dilute it just enough without watering it down.

Every great cup of coffee starts with the bean. Our cold brew coffee is no different; every batch of cold brew coffee is made with our artisan roasted, triple origin, Aztec Organic coffee beans and is artfully blended to the perfect taste profile. Just before brewing, we grind our Aztec Organic Cold Brew coffee to ensure freshness. We then steep in cold water for 20 hours. By extracting the flavor compounds without the use of heat, we leave behind the multitude of flavorful oils and high acidity. This creates an extremely smooth, sweet, spicy, cocoa profile with a hint of caramel in the finish.

To make cold-brewed coffee at home, all you need is your favorite coarsely ground H.C. Valentine coffee blend, cold water and a French press. To start, use a ratio of 1/3 cup of ground coffee to 1 ½ cups of water. After you try your first cup of cold-brewed coffee, you can tweak the ratio to make the brew stronger or more subdued.

To give this at-home brewing method a try, simply add the ground coffee and water to a French press, and put the lid on, but do not plunge. Place the French press in the refrigerator and let the coffee steep for at least 12 hours or overnight. In the morning, press the coffee, pour into your glass and add cream and sugar to your liking. It’s as simple as that!

H.C. Valentine Coffee now has available hand-crafted H.C. Valentine Aztec Organic Cold Brew for purchase. Ask your current H.C. Valentine or Royal Cup Coffee representative about tasting the new H.C. Valentine Aztec Organic Cold Brew or call 1-800-366-5836 for more information.