Blend Spotlight: Royal 150 Blend

Our 15 core coffees are artfully blended to craft a flavor profile that uniquely showcases the specific flavor notes that originate while the beans are grown and emerge during the roasting process. Our Roastmasters blend each coffee after the beans have been roasted to create a taste profile that is balanced, richly flavorful and distinctive. Join us as we dive deeper into each of our 15 core blends and single origin coffees, highlighting the growing region, analyzing its flavors and providing ideal pairings. Today we spotlight our Royal 150 Blend, a full-bodied blend which highlights beans from Africa, Indonesia and Central America.


The beans of our Royal 150 Blend originate from the very best coffee growing regions in Africa, Indonesia and Central America.

The exceptional soils of African growing regions are key to the richness of the African coffee bean. The Central American growing regions are typically known for their rugged landscapes and rich volcanic soils. Microclimates in Central America also have a strong influence on the high quality and flavor of the coffee beans grown there. Coffee beans are often grown at very high elevations in both Africa and Central America. High elevation beans are often harder, and are considered superior because they can retain their flavor longer.

Coffee beans that come from Indonesia typically offer a distinct flavor, perfectly situated for coffee blends. The rich soils of Indonesia offer perfect conditions for growing premium coffee beans.


Coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia and Central America each provide a unique flavor profile for the Royal 150 Blend. The Royal 150 Blend is a full-bodied coffee with bright flavors and a clean finish. The coffee has a medium roast to accentuate rich flavors of apricot, chocolate and caramel. The Royal 150 Blend is one of the most heavy-bodied premium coffees we offer!


This brightly flavored coffee is uniquely situated to be paired perfectly with many desserts. We recommend pairing the Royal 150 Blend with your favorite fruity, caramel, chocolate and praline desserts. Try it with a rich chocolate brownie or even an ice cream sundae. It even has enough body to pair well with a steak dinner! With suitable pairings both sweet and salty, this medium roasted coffee is perfect to enjoy all day long.

As a blend cultivated from beans around the globe, the Royal 150 Blend will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a world unknown – ready for a rich adventure.