Four Easy Steps to Perfecting the French Press

French press coffee is a delicacy that you can enjoy in your own home, if done correctly. This special type of brew is more full-bodied and rich than typical drip coffee. What makes the French press taste so remarkable is the amount of contact that the coffee grinds have with the water. In a French press brew, coffee oils have more time to mix with the water– allowing for a stronger, richer coffee blend. The four simple steps below outline the best way to make French press coffee in the comforts of your own home.

Coffee: Scoop fresh, coarsely ground coffee into the press pot. For 8 cups of French press coffee, scoop in 2 oz. of grounds. For 4 cups, use 1 oz. of grounds. 

Water: Fill the press pot halfway with hot water (warmed to 200°F) and gently stir the coffee grounds to ensure they are wet. Continue to fill the press pot, leaving one inch clear at the top.

Wait: Replace the lid with the plunger in the up position and start the timer. The coffee should steep for exactly four minutes.

Serve: Deliver the press pot to your guests. At four minutes slowly depress the plunger. This method of brewing goes well with either a meal or dessert.