Blend Spotlight: Volcan Beru Blend

Our 15 core coffees are artfully roasted to craft a flavor profile that uniquely showcases the specific flavor notes that originate while the beans are grown and emerge during the roasting process. Our Roastmasters blend each blend of coffee after the beans have been roasted to create a taste profile that is balanced, richly flavorful and distinctive. Join us as we dive deeper into each of our 15 core blends and single origin coffees, highlighting the growing region, analyzing its flavors and providing ideal pairings. Today we spotlight our Volcan Beru blend, comprised of beans from South and Central America and East Africa.


This incredible blend is developed from beans that reign from South and Central America (the Boquete region in Panama) and East Africa. The rich soils of East African growing regions are key to the flavor of this bean. The cool and moist climate, as well as the volcanic soil, in parts of South and Central America increases the tasteful combination of flavors on your palate. High elevation in both of these regions maximizes drainage, which reduces the amount of water in the coffee fruit and increases the brightness of the flavor. These areas are two of the world’s best coffee growing regions, which are evident in the flavor profile of the Volcan Beru.


Many consider Volcan Beru to have a smooth taste that is well balanced with a variety of flavors. At medium strength, several profiles are evident throughout the drink, which results in a full-bodied flavor. The high flavor of dried red fruit offsets the sweetness of the molasses flavor. Combined with hints of cocoa and caramel, the result is a flavor that finishes clean and sweet. At H.C. Valentine, we produce small batches of coffee that maximize flavor while retaining the focus and benefits of an artisan process.


The Volcan Beru pairs well with a variety of food items. Fruity undertones from the dried red fruit blend well with fruit desserts such as tarts and cobblers. The notes of molasses, cocoa and caramel finish with a dark chocolate taste, similar to a wine, making it the perfect conclusion to your meal. Its variety of flavor profiles ensure its pairing with even the sweetest of desserts.

As one of the brighter-tasting H.C. Valentine blends, Volcan Beru takes you on a journey – both geographical and in taste – that will surprise even the most dedicated coffee drinkers with its complementary flavors and complexity.