The H.C. Valentine Story

The finest woods, the finest finishes, and all handcrafted one precious piece at a time. He believed his legacy was the one piece of furniture that was being worked on at that one particular moment. H.C. Valentine was a man of impeccable taste. A man of unparalleled grace.  

At Royal Cup, we believe the spirit of our grandfather runs through our veins. So in choosing the name for our new specialty coffee roasting company, it was only natural that we use his name. H.C. Valentine Coffee Company. 

Uncompromising passion for excellence has been a part of the Smith family for generations. And now we are taking that passion for excellence and, in the words of H.C. Valentine, “going beyond.” 

The H.C. Valentine commitment is to create the highest quality coffee anywhere. It’s the way our grandfather made furniture: with care, with passion, one piece at a time. This is the promise of H.C. Valentine Coffee Company. 

It is a tradition of excellence, a heritage of excellence, a legacy of excellence. This is the H.C. Valentine Coffee Company. Excellence and beyond. 

Bill and Hatton C.V. Smith 

Founders, H.C. Valentine Coffee Company