Nitro-Average Coffee – H.C. Valentine Cools Down with Nitrogen-Infused Coffee

By David Strahl, product development manager at H. C. Valentine

The summer’s coolest trend is bubbling its way into the colder months. Nitro coffee—a cold, carbonated take on iced coffee—is drastically shifting market demand away from traditional brewing methods towards something altogether different. Unlike any of its coffee predecessors, nitrogen-infused coffee exudes an extra smooth sensation when consumed – comparable to that of a frothy, decadent Guinness.

This stroke of coffee genius is redefining the way both roastmasters and coffee drinkers alike view their brew, leaving no doubt this revolutionary approach to cold brew coffee isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

H.C. Valentine was early adopter of the nitro technique. In fact, at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, we debuted several batches of our highly anticipated cold-brew coffee using a JoeTap, the world’s leading nitro infused coffee system. Many of the attendees fell in love with its smooth, bubbly finish which is unlike any other caffeinated beverage on the market.

In the following months, consumer interest grew steadily, and today we’re proud to say that H.C. Valentine has met this demand by supplying the highest quality micro-roasted nitro cold brew available.  

So, how does it all work? To start, utilizing cold brew coffee made with anything other than the highest quality of micro-roasted specialty graded coffee beans is simply not an option. Our cold brew is backed by the H.C. Valentine standard, ensuring you’ll get nothing but the best in every drip. Perfecting this first step is 99 percent of the challenge. 

Once the cold brew itself is perfected, the JoeTap is ready to make its debut. A high pressure value shoots an infusion of nitrogen bubbles into the liquid, resulting in an ultra-creamy, frothy delight we know as the nitro cold brew. Nitrogen gas does not easily dissolve in water, which gives the brew a thicker, more velvety “mouthfeel.” In fact, many believe that the nitro cold brew method has the ability to make black coffee taste smooth, sweet, and rich body like it had sugar and cream added already. 

At H.C. Valentine, we thrive on innovation and love to break the traditional coffee mold. Given its growing popularity, we’re confident that the nitro cold brew technique will find its place in coffee history in short order. In the meantime, if you haven’t already taken this bubbly beverage for a spin, hold on tight because your taste buds are in for a ride!