Seasonality of Coffee

Tis the season – not for the holidays, but for coffee! Coffee beans have the same seasonal phases as the fruits and vegetables you put on your table. Our H.C. Valentine coffees are harvested from the world’s best coffee-growing regions at the optimal time to ensure ripe, fresh beans will make their way into your coffee cup.

Our beans are hand-picked by local coffee farmers who take great pride in their coffee plants. In good years, harvests are so plentiful that farmers harvest multiple times per season – sometimes two to three times. Multiple harvests ensures that farmers pick the beans when they are perfectly red and ripe.

While the beginning and end of harvest season shift slightly year to year based upon fluctuating temperatures, rainfall and other environmental factors, the general time frame for coffee harvesting remains the same. Costa Rican beans thrive just after receiving plentiful rainfall during the country’s rainy season. Guatemalan coffees ripen in the late summer. Below is a list of growing seasons for a handful of the countries from which H.C. Valentine sources beans.

Coffee requires careful, timely processing. Once the growing season ends, the pulp is removed from the bean, and it is dried and prepared for roasting. Peak-season beans have more robust flavors that reflect the unique aspects of each growing region. We rely on top-quality raw ingredients to sustain our tradition of excellence. Take a look at some of our 15 different coffee blends which feature expertly roasted and blended beans from around the world, each harvested at the perfect time to ensure the best flavor in your cup.