Three Keys to a Custom Coffee Blend

A perfectly balanced coffee blend does not happen by accident. Many factors come into play when crafting the best-tasting blends, including the aroma, acidity and body of the different beans.

At H.C. Valentine, we are an industry leader in developing the best-tasting, micro-roasted coffees for fine dining, luxury hotels, spas, resorts, clubs, golf clubs and bakeries. When our clients choose to add H.C. Valentine coffee to their menu, we often work to develop a custom blend that enriches the client’s existing offerings and flavors. We have worked with master chefs, James Beard award-winning and -nominated chefs, restaurant owners and food and beverage executives to develop new blends that best complement their menus.

Each time that we develop a new custom blend, we start with a blank canvas. While some clients have an initial direction for their blend, they often shift their preferences after an in-depth tasting with our Roastmasters and product development manager. Each coffee tasting begins with the raw, green beans and results in the final, artisan-roasted blends.

There are three keys to achieving excellence when developing custom blends.

1)       Expertise – The best brews start while coffee is still on the branch. H.C. Valentine’s experienced growers and roasters are able to identify the highest-quality green coffee beans from ideal regions and bring them back to our roasting facilities.

2)     Equipment – Once the freshly dried beans arrive at our facility, we begin the roasting process. As a micro-roaster, we use top-of-the-line one-bag roasters like the Probat G-60 to ensure each batch showcases its ideal flavor profile.

3)      People – The most critical element to creating an excellent coffee blend is our team of talented Roastmasters and our product development manager who develop and roast our coffees, and understand the science behind developing world-class, award-winning blends.


Clients walk away from our custom blend process knowing that they will serve a coffee blend that is not only complementary to their menu, but custom to them.