The Belief Behind the Bean

In an era of large batch roasting by heavily promoted brands owned by giant corporations, the quality of beans and taste profiles are highly compromised by retail stores.  The founders of H.C. Valentine created our company based on their shared passion for artisan craftsmanship and superior quality, unlike many of the heavily promoted brands. This dedication means that the coffee products are produced with the highest quality Arabica green beans and are hand roasted in small batches.

Our journey to provide the best tasting artisan small batch roasted coffee in the U.S. began in 2008. As a micro-roasting coffee company, it is our belief and mission to provide the finest, most decadent and flavorful coffee available.

We proudly offer the finest quality of the current season’s crop of Arabica coffee beans, harvested from four continents. Our Arabica coffees are 100 percent Fair Trade Organic Rainforest Alliance Certified blends and single origin varietals. 

In order to provide a coffee with extraordinary taste and flavor, all of our specialty grade Arabica green coffee beans are hand roasted by our roastmaster, who has more than 17 years of roasting experience. Each coffee is developed, blended, cupped and tasted by both our product development manager and our roastmaster, who is the top roastmaster in the U.S., to ensure the taste is of the highest quality.

Our roastmasters are passionate about testing coffee blends and varietals for optimum roast profiles and superior taste in the cup. They share a commitment to finding farmers at origin who are committed to sustainable growing practices and produce the finest taste characteristics for their growing regions.

The belief behind the bean stems from a dedication to quality and a passion for creating the best coffee in America. We hope you can taste this mission and dedication in our extraordinary blends.