Green Roast – Our Commitment to Sustainable Coffees

At H.C. Valentine, we strive to be good stewards of our resources by extending our commitment to excellence in sustainable coffee best practices. We measure sustainability success by a triple bottom line of social responsibility, economic stability and environmental stewardship.

Our dedication to producing sustainable products begins with our relationships with coffee growers globally and continues through each part of the growing, roasting and blending process – right up until our artisan coffees are poured into your cup.

We visit the coffee farms from which we source our beans and work closely with farmers and cooperatives to support their needs. This ensures continued relationships and a viable supply chain of high-quality coffee while simultaneously improving the livelihood of our growers.

More than 70 percent of H.C. Valentine’s sales are comprised of our sustainable blends that are certified organic, fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance coffees. When we first began the company, we set a goal to produce more than 50 percent sustainable blends within the first 10 years. Within our first six years of business, we were able to exceed our goal and have continued to grow our sustainable coffees. In addition to our certified blends, our H.C. Valentine facility also possesses numerous environmental certifications, including Fair Trade, QAI, USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified ™.

Of our 15 core coffees, our sustainable coffees include:

·         Royal 150 - 33% Rainforest Alliance Certified ™

·         Signature - 33% Rainforest Alliance Certified ™

·         100% Organic Aztec

·         100% Organic Caribbean

·         Organic Inca Decaf

·         100% Organic Signature Espresso

·         Organic Inca Decaf Espresso

·         100% Fair Trade Certified Organic Mayan Roast

·         100% Organic Mexican Roast