Why Blend Coffees & Why Does H.C. Valentine Coffee Company Blend After Roast?

All roasters have some of the same reasons why they blend single origin coffees, and they have many different reasons why they blend single origin coffee beans. Firstly, all roasters have economic reasons for blending coffees. Some large roasters blend less expensive beans with average costing beans to reduce their cost. Even some roasters whom claim to be gourmet coffee roasters will buy less expensive beans and blend with specialty beans. Then, most micro-roasters will buy specialty graded beans and then blend. Secondly, roast profile and taste profile consistency is important to large roasters and a few micro-artisan roasters that sell to food service accounts. Consumer customers and large food service accounts demand brand consistency. When you blend coffees, you are able to buy more from different farmers and regions to try and keep a consistent coffee taste in the cup.

Even though having consistency is important to H.C. Valentine Coffee Company (H.C. Valentine), our main goal is to create a dynamic taste profile with each cup of coffee or each coffee bean. This is why blending is a true art in itself. H.C. Valentine has a great deal of experience with a product development manager who has more than 20 years of experience, and a roastmaster with 17 years’ experience. The duo figured out, with all their testing experience, that they preferred doing a blend after a roast. What does that mean? That means if a blend has four different single origins in the blend, they are each roasted one bag at a time at H.C. Valentine. While this takes much longer to make coffee blends that are blended after roast, it has been tested in the lab and confirmed in the best food restaurants across the nation, that blending after roasting can make some of the most dynamic tasting coffee. This method can develop taste profiles that are richly flavorful and unique! It also allows you to develop the best tasting roast profile for each individual coffee bean and to develop coffees that are not burnt, bitter, too acidic or sour! Our roastmaster and the product development manager at H.C. Valentine developed an assortment of blends that create the best tasting cups of coffee in the United States. Please visit our website at www.hcvalentine.com to order some of our blends like The Signature Blend, The Roast Masters African Savanna, The Royal 150, Caribbean, Volcan Beru, Aztec, Inca Decaf and Signature Espresso.