Five Apps that Help You Drink Coffee Better—Virtually

At H.C. Valentine, we pride ourselves on producing the best small-bath, artisan-roasted coffee in America. This commitment to excellence can be witnessed in our day-to-day activities, as we work to perfect new roasts that satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee-loving palate. What we love most about our work is that coffee is a beverage universally cherished by the masses– connecting us through our love for the vibrant smell of coffee brewing and the delightful taste that awakens your senses to a new day. The virtual world has finally intersected with the coffee world, uniting coffee lovers and providing insightful knowledge that can transform a home-brewed cup of Joe into a sophisticated coffee creation. There are many useful tools currently available that can vastly improve your daily coffee routine. Here are five coffee apps that will help you not only drink coffee better, but also open your eyes to exciting coffee trends and methodology—both foreign and domestic.

1. Art of Coffee

Bring your local barista into the comfort of your own home with our latest favorite, the Art of Coffee app. This app allows you to feed your creativity by helping create beautiful and tasteful coffee art for your morning cup of java. The app is designed for both professional and home baristas, and teaches each method through photo and video tutorials and written instructions. It includes designs such as “chasing hearts,” a smiley face, four leaf clover, seahorse, swan and even a cowboy!

2. The Great Coffee App

The name says it all. The Great Coffee App offers expertise on popular espresso-based drinks and alternative brewing methods from a professional barista. This fun app also provides video tutorials on how to make your favorite espresso-based drink and provides interesting facts about coffee and music selected to stimulate your coffee senses.

3. Find Me Coffee

This handy app equips you with the power of a digital coffee locator through the touch of a button. Find Me Coffee locates the nearest coffee shop by your location and even allows you to search for coffee shops around the world—so, wherever you may be or whenever you are going, rest assured coffee is not far away. From a small independent café on the romantic Amalfi Coast to a big-brand coffee shop, this app can quickly find whatever you desire. You can even filter your search to find a coffee shop with a drive thru, Wi-Fi or food!

4. UP Coffee

If you find yourself sipping on coffee late into the afternoon or evening, this is perfect solution for you. UP Coffee is an app that showcases how caffeine affects your sleep. By understanding how your body reacts to caffeine, you can adjust your coffee intake as needed. UP Coffee recognizes when your body is “wired,” and determines how long it will take your body to fall asleep. In addition to notifying you when you’re ready for sleep, the app reveals the relationship between caffeine, sleep duration and nighttime awakenings.

5. Acacia Coffee

Record your coffee lifestyle with the help of Acacia Coffee and its connected Acacia scale—an app that features a Bluetooth scale, “brew print sharing,” “brew process record” and many other fantastic features that will elevate your coffee-making routine. Designed to enhance the functionality of its Acacia scale, the app even lets you save and sync your coffee-brewing data, such as the name of your favorite H.C. Valentine coffee bean, the water-to-coffee ratio used and the consistency and speed of the pouring process. With the Acacia app, you can recreate your perfect cup of coffee—every morning, every time.